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Voice of the Voiceless

Minnie RIP July 2023
We are the ONLY Pitbull breed specific rescue & rehabilitation centre in South Africa!
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Estelle Smith, Founder UDSA

Underdogs South Africa (UDSA) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that was established and launched in December 2011 by founder and chairlady Estelle Smith. 

Estelle had years of experience working with the Pitbull breed and her dream was to give these underdogs a second chance by giving a voice to the voiceless. 

UDSA is a breed-specific rescue centre where extreme effort is made to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Pitbulls. Over the last 10 years, UDSA has grown and successfully rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of Pitbulls into loving homes with thousands of success stories.  Pitbulls have been hands down the most abused dogs of all dog breeds.

The breed most often found stuck in a filthy patch of dirt, chained, overbred and used and abused for many reasons, including dog fighting.

Estelle founded the NPO back in December 2011 and over the last 10 years, Underdogs SA Pit Bull Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre has successfully rescued, rehabilitated & found loving homes, for 100's of pit bull dogs.

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