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The ONLY pit bull breed specific rescue & rehabilitation centre in South Africa!


We are advocates of this breed, promising to always be their voice!


Rescue & rehabilitation happens with immense love & care, always.

Founder Estelle Smith has over 30 years of experience & vows to stand by them, to protect them, & to rescue them from abuse, cruelty, hate, fighting, & the severely misaligned public perception.

Underdogs is built on a strong foundation of unwavering passion for this magnificent breed.


With rehabilitation & education as focal points for Estelle, she is determined to educate people against the vicious practice of dog fighting & animal cruelty.

Estelle founded the NPO back in December 2011 and over the last 10 years, Underdogs SA Pit Bull Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre has successfully rescued, rehabilitated & found loving homes, for 100's of pit bull dogs.

Some of her qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Pit Bull Federation of South Africa Judging Course (2007)

  • Basic Obedience Course (2013)

  • Registered as an associate member of the ABC of SA (Animal Behaviour Consultants 2015)

  • Leash Reactivity Seminar (2018)

  • Ethology Academy Basic Animal Behaviour Course: Dogs (2020)

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